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  • If teaching is an art, helping others to learn is wisdom. By K. Baghoussi, 2012


The Tutor

Let me say it now and forever

On behalf of those who say it quieter


Unity, you said, is a source of life

Zest for love is a remedy to strife


None can reach your everlasting kindness

Along with patience, caring and tenderness


Day by day you find your way

Jotting down the final say


Inside all our hearts and minds,

Millions of thanks grow of all kinds


Unifying everyone and those who dare

Supplying dynamism to those who care


Time moves along with months and days

And years often bring a new phase


Pioneer of an everlasting, lifelong tutoring


Here above is a name I keep gently

Alongside my verses, I hug it tightly


By Khalid BAGHOUSSI, 2012

Out of Darkness

From that room to that planet at night,

I was on a move and could see no face

In a dark long tunnel where I started the race,

Moving ahead towards the twinkling light.


I tried to run but fell in the way

That looked rough, slippery, and full of webs

With hanging prays saving their heads

From the sticky thread, fearing a stay.


I could hear the sound of loneliness,

Coming as a hiss into my ears,

Whispering sounds nobody hears,

But I couldn't bear the call of madness.


The dense misty air touched my skin lightly,

Giving me a sensation of mummification,

Going through my feet without hesitation

And growing stronger inside my body slowly.


I murmured continuously but it was in vain,

For the moans were voiceless and without life,

No one could help in that lonely strife

That couldn't end without a dumb pain.


At last I arrived and touched the light,

The fairy light I could never withstand

That led me straight to a wonderland

Where I remained till the end of that night.

                  From Inspiration by Khalid Baghoussi (English teacher)


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