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 Author : Khalid Baghoussi

Improving Writing Skills is designed specifically for first year university students; it can also be used both as a reference and practice book by more advanced students.

The combination of selected reference lessons and graded practice exercises in grammar, mechanics and sentence structure makes this book suitable for a writing course.  These selected lessons provide the learners with the linguistic tools necessary for the writing process, and the graded tasks give them the opportunity to manipulate various grammatical structures effectively, thus allowing them to improve gradually their linguistic and communicative skills. 



Improving Writing Skills

» Graded practice exercises afford a gradual shift from simple to more complex language forms.

»  Additional review tests after each part offer extra practice of various language points.

»  Appendices deal with correction symbols with examples that serve as quick reference for the editing phase, commonly confused words, and         contractions

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 Author : A. Bahous

«  …Doté d’une voix propre à lui, quasi intimiste, ce recueil répond avec émotion à des questionnements profonds liés aussi bien au cœur, au corps, à l’âme, qu’à l’être. Lecteur de grands poetes  et héritier d’une tradition poétique plurilingue (oscillant entre T.S.Eliot, P.Larkin, P.Valéry et N.Parra), l’auteur exprime, ici, des sentiments sincères et des aspirations, parfois gidiennes, légitimées par le temps – en particulier le non-acti- et le contexte. Abbès Bahous fait, ici, trembler la langue, éclairer la conscience, et user des mots pour que jaillisse carpe diem

                                                                       Par Houari Mirad

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 Author : Dr.B.A.Neddar

Schema, Discourse and Language Teaching: an Introduction is a brief survey intended for readers new to the formal study of language in general. It introduces schemata, what people in a particular community regard as normal and predictable ways of organizing the world and communicating with others. The author provides a succinct but lucid outline of the ways schemata have been defined, described, and explored, and illustrates basic concepts related not only to schema theory, but also to discourse, language in use. Then, studies the consequences such theory might have on foreign language teaching, English in particular. The book ends up with stressing the importance of not only the pragmatic discourse in the acquisition of a foreign language and how it is schematically related to culture and society, but also the pragmatic relevance of the act of learning a foreign language   outside the classroom world.

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  Author : Mustapha Louznadji

English, Open Doors ’ provides intensive skills through a variety of activities designed to maximise students involvement and motivation.

 ‘ English, Open Doors ’ is intended to provide students with convenient, well-structured materials to teaching English. From motivating introductory questions to challenging activities, it suggests a step – by -  step plan to ensure successful learning.

‘ English, Open Doors ’ comprises thirteen units which contain a variety of topics of current interest, ranging from ‘ The Challenges of the UN ’ to ‘ Racial Discrimination ’ and ‘ The English Language ’ ,      ‘ Youth and World Problems ’ to ‘ Medical Sciences ’ ,  ‘ Technology ’, ‘ Leisure and Entertainment ’ and ‘ Employment ’.

Most importantly, ‘ English, Open Doors ’ offers a framework for teachers who lack training and support. The hope is that such teachers, either beginners or experienced, will begin by following the steps of a unit as they are stated in the book but, as their confidence increases, they will adapt and add materials that will meet their students’ needs, abilities and motivation.

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 Author : N. Ghenim

A Woman in Black is a story about a young woman, Loubna, who is filled with conflict and despair over the recent loss of her father. Her country has been stricken with an ongoing war that is seemingly endless. In the midst of her turmoil, she receives an intriguing letter that changes her life forever.
Caught in her conflicting emotions, the woman uses her own wisdom and the experiences of her helpful and philosophical mother to guide her through a treacherous journey. But when Loubna faces tragedy once again, together, they must learn the price that is paid for freedom as well as love.

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